A Real "Trashy" Neighborhood

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From one direction, the view of the 2100 block of 22nd Avenue doesn't look bad, but for resident Mildred Sanford, it's quite a different story.

"It makes me feel bad," she said.

Sanford is talking about a pile of discarded household items in a neighboring yard. She says it has been there for a month.

"You can't sit on your front porch because the odor and some of everything is in there. I pay tax just like everybody else," said resident Mildred Sanford. “Why would they put that mess out there on the street?"

About a month ago, Sanford says her neighbor was evicted and all of his belongings placed in the yard. Although the man who lived here, nor the people who evicted him have since been back to pick up the items, Sanford says passersby rummage through it at night.

Sanford says she's contacted officials from the city and county about cleaning up the mess, due to safety and health concerns.

While officials from all of the departments Sanford contacted say they have checked into the matter, city officials say the problem is that their hands are tied.

"There's a process that we have to do and with bureaucracy, you have to go through the process," said Odell Hopkins, solid waste compliance officer for Meridian.

Hopkins says the process of finding the owner of the property is already underway. Once the city knows who the owner is, it can notify that person in writing and give them an opportunity to clean it up.

If nothing is done within a reasonable time, the matter may have to be taken to city court and the owner fined. Ultimately, Hopkins says the process could take up to a month.

Sanford says getting the job done won't come a moment too soon.