Dispute Settled Out-of-Court

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Since January of 2004, The Village Kitchen in Meridian has been involved in a dispute with Plantation Pipeline Company concerning two pipes that run underneath the restaurant's parking lot.

After a lengthy and apparently costly dispute, the matter was settled out of court.

Plantation is now reinforcing two pipes under the parking lot.

Connie Shannon, co-owner of The Village Kitchen, says it has been a nuisance to customers, but business hasn't slowed too much.

"We decided that it would be to our benefit to settle the dispute with the pipeline and go ahead and allow the work to be done," said Connie Shannon, "and move on with the business of running The Village Kitchen."

Plantation agreed not to block both entrances at the same time so that access to the restaurant is not completely cut off. However, several parking spaces have been blocked, reducing capacity, and getting in and out can be difficult at times.