MPS Has Zero Tolerance for Weapons

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The Meridian Public School District is taking every measure to make sure your child is safe at school.

"We have one at each secondary school, safety guards or security officers," said Deputy Superintendent of Operations Robert Markham. "We have two at each middle school, two at each junior high and three at the high school. We ask teachers to be observant and to be at the door whenever students move from one class to another."

Teachers, students and administrators are working together to make sure their school is as safe as possible. Students are encouraged to report anything they see or hear.

"Most of the time we get reports students have something they aren't supposed to, and in most cases it's not true," said MHS security officer Greg Granger.

Security guards investigate every student's report. On Tuesday, one from a Meridian High School student turned out to be valid.

"We got a tip that a student had a gun on campus and we went up to the classroom and received it," said Granger.

"Although a pellet gun isn't considered a real gun, the policy states, real or fake, there is no leniency. It doesn't matter if it's a cap pistol, pellet gun or a bb gun, or the real thing. If a child brings a gun to school or a knife or anything that could be used as a weapon it's an automatic expulsion," Markham said.