Mississippi Still in Recovery Phase

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Gov. Haley Barbour says that as of Tuesday, more than 7,800 travel trailers or mobile homes have been brought in and occupied by hurricane victims, and 637 more are ready for people to move in.

Another 4,500 trailers are here, but aren't ready to be occupied for various reasons, including lack of sewage and water connections, or electric service. Barbour didn't say how many people are still on the waiting list for temporary housing.

Barbour says that even if 500 new trailers were made available each day, it would still be early next year before there would be enough for Mississippians left homeless by the storm. He says that is "unacceptable," but has not criticized federal officials on the pace of incoming temporary housing.

He says Mississippi has received its trailers at a record pace. It took months before Florida received the same amount of housing after last year's hurricane season.

As of this week, only one school district in the state, Bay St. Louis-Waveland, remains closed, and all but three have at least 80 percent attendance, Barbour said.