Family Suffers Second Loss

"It's horrible. We lost everything," said Susan Patrick.

Susan Patrick is not exaggerating. What once was a three bedroom, two bath home that she shared with her husband is now nothing more than smoke and ashes. The couple's home was destroyed by fire Sunday.

Donald and Susan were not at home when the blaze began. They say around 5 o'clock Sunday evening they were contacted at a friend's house and told about the fire. They say they left the scene of the fire a few hours later around 11 o'clock, when volunteer firefighters from Stonewall, Enterprise and Clarkedale had the blaze under control.

"When we left the first time they had the fire put out. We were expecting to be able to go in and salvage some stuff," said Susan.

However, that did not happen. Initially the Patrick's say only the kitchen and master bedroom, which were located on the Northern end of the house were heavily damaged. They say it only after the fire rekindled that the rest was destroyed.

"At first, there was some furniture and stuff that we could have salvaged," said Donald, "but we couldn't get in there because they said it was too dangerous."

Not only did the Patrick's lose their possessions, but almost six months ago, Susan's daughter, who lived next door, also lost her home to fire.

The Patrick's are now temporarily staying with friends and family. As for their future plans, they say they are uncertain.

Anyone interested in helping the Patrick's is asked to call either (601) 776-5521 or (601) 659-4639.

"I would never wish this on anyone," said Susan.