Back to School

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Classes for both Meridian Public Schools and Lauderdale County schools are set to resume Wednesday. However, it won't exactly be business as usual.

While there are still some concerns out in the county about some road conditions, within the city of Meridian all necessary roadways are said to be clear and accessible for bus stops. However, the district does have some concerns. Those include making the transition for evacuee students as smooth as possible. With this, the district is examining ways to purchase uniforms for the up to 300 or more expected evacuee students.

"I'm sure the children would like to look like all the other children and get uniforms," says Superintendent Sylvia Autry. "Approximately $30,000 might get two uniforms for every child that's been displaced.”

“Do you all have 30,000 extra dollars?”

“We do not!"

However, the district is asking the public to help in this effort with donations which can be made to its PTA Council. Meanwhile, as classes prepare to resume there are also some concerns about gas for buses.

We have not been able to get a long term commitment," says Autry. "We do not have anything else for planning for long term to address the gas issue."

For now, Autry says the district's buses could probably run for almost two weeks on the supply which they now have. Despite this, she says the public should not panic because as with everyone, Meridian Public Schools are also just having to deal with mounting concerns about gas supplies.

Meanwhile, as for evacuee students who need to enroll in school, district officials will continue to visit shelters in coming days to do this. For displaced students who are not staying in a shelter but instead in a home in Meridian, she says registration will take place Wednesday, September 7th. from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. at schools at all schools throughout the district.

"If they happen to have an immunization record, that would be wonderful. Otherwise, just come with whatever they have and we'll get them registered," says Autry.