Colleges Extend Deadlines

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Classes were back in session Tuesday at MSU Meridian, and with the hustle and bustle of a typical school day came the knowledge that not all was typical for all of the students.

"We know a lot of students who will not be able to get back this week because of gas problems, because of family situations, so we're asking the faculty to accommodate those who are having difficulty getting back to the campus even though we've resumed classes," said Nick Nichols, Dean of MSU Meridian.

MSU Meridian is also welcoming students displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Financial aid counselors are available to help with monetary concerns and out of state tuition is being waived for all students from the areas affected by the storm.

Across the street at Meridian Community College, administrators are also making accommodations for students because of Hurricane Katrina. In fact the admissions office has already received inquiries from displaced students."

"We have already had four students come in to register and we've had calls from probably a dozen more about the possibility of beginning classes," said Dianne Walton, director of admissions.

At MCC, the enrollment date for fall semester has been extended to Sept. 16. Administrators say federal financial assistance can easily be transferred from one school to another and their financial aid counselors are ready to help.

For information or questions about Meridian Community College call 601-483-8241. You may contact Mississippi State's Meridian campus at 601-484-0100.