Taylor Talks

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The state of Mississippi's congressional redistricting, approved last year, changed Cong. Gene Taylor's district. It now includes Clarke County, which has the highest unemployment rate in the state.

Rep. Taylor held a town hall meeting at the county courthouse to meet his new constituents. He said he would do everything in his power to bring jobs to the area.

"I'm a senior member of the Armed Services Committee," said Taylor. "I can only hope that as I meet people who come to me and say we need to buy this, we need you guys to buy that, that I can find somebody who sells a good or service to the military, then I can turn around and say why don't you take a look at the old Quitman Knitting Mills factory and see if you can't use it?"

Congressman Taylor also answered questions regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement and discussed his views.

"They've got all the good things about the American market but pay nothing into it," said Taylor. "That basically puts Americans at an unfair disadvantage."

Other topics at the meeting included the national debt, Medicare and the high cost of prescription drugs.