Cheney Tours Coast

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Vice-president Dick Cheney toured the Gulf Coast Thursday, on his first visit to the region since Hurricane Katrina left it in ruins. In Gulfport, Miss., Cheney offered the locals words of encouragement and praise.

"When all is said and done, there will be thousands of Americans who deserve a deep vote of thanks from the rest of us for the courage and determination they've displayed in the face of great adversity," said the Vice President.

In nearby Biloxi, some survivors of the storm say they are still waiting for help.

"Nobody's been here to help. FEMA hasn't shown up at all. So where are you?" asked one resident.

Help is available, from The Salvation Army. The organization opened a relief center offering free medical care, hot meals and a kid’s camp, helping both parents and their children.

Emergency workers have executed thousands of successful rescues, but they arrived too late at a flooded nursing home twenty miles southeast of New Orleans. The bodies of more than 30 elderly patients were found inside.

At least one senior citizen, who lives nearby, says despite the dangers, she doesn't want to leave her home.

"I want to die in my own house if I have to die," said Rose Adams of Chalmette, La. "I am old and ready to go and not afraid of death."