The Salvation Army on Frontlines

Salvation Army mobile canteens are in communities all across areas hit by natural disasters. Hurricane Katrina is just the latest. Newscenter 11 caught up with volunteers in Rose Hill, Miss. George Rush brought a unit from Atlanta.

"We can serve from 300 to 900 meals a day," Rush said. "We just get it here and get it done."

Jasper County, like so many others, has suffered from power outages that put residents in a tough spot.

"No power and we were cooking on a grill with wood," said Jasper County resident Kenneth Lang.

"It has been unreal how people have come together," said Brian Sciortino, also a resident of Jasper County.

And with so many evacuees coming to Mississippi to seek refuge, the feeding station at the Rose Hill Fire Department has even reached out to the people of New Orleans.

"It's hard," said Claire Woods of New Orleans. "Not just the material things; it's your history."

The Salvation Army can't do anything to stop the pain, but it can feed people, and is.

The Salvation Army has served over 740,000 meals in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, and is beginning to serve survivors in 30 states.