MPS Names New Supt.

The Meridian School Board Wednesday named Sylvia Autry to be the interim superintendent, after the retirement of Dr. Janet McLin in June. McLin has led the district for 5-and-a-half years.

The board also created a new position of deputy superintendent of operations. It will be filled by carver principal Robert Markham.

"I'll have opportunity to help Carver students in more ways by being at the decision-making table," said Markham. "And I think by me working at the district level I'll have opportunity to help a lot of other kids in this district."

"Some of the responsibilities will be the same. But it's like the buck stops with me," said Autry. "That's an awesome thing to think about but I'm very excited about it. I think my years of experience will lend themselves to the decisions that are going to be made for this coming year."

Autry is not in the running for the superintendent's position on a permanent basis because she's near retirement.

Both Autry and Markham will assume their new roles at the start of July.