HDTV in Meridian

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HDTV's picture is brighter, sharper, more like that on a theatre screen and the sound is equal to the best a CD can offer.

WTOK's Operations Manager, Tim Walker, said the station will broadcast the Super Bowl Jan. 26 in this new exciting medium.

"ABC did one season of Monday night football in high definition but they only had a few cameras, they only had limited graphics," said Walker. "This year with the Super Bowl they're going to do it in a way that it's going to have all the features that are available on the regular analog feed but it's going to look so much better."

The HDTV picture and sound are only broadcast using an entirely separate transmitter from our regular television signal. Only owners of an HDTV set and tuner will see it that way. The remainder of our audience will see the game at the usual Channel 11 or Cable location.

"I think that Meridian being able to see High Definition Super Bowl is great," said Randy Hooper of Hooper Electronic Supply, who also owns an HDTV set. "Most cities across the United States can't see it in High Definition but with the local Channel 11 broadcasting in High Definition this early in the stage it's something Meridian needs to embrace and be thankful for."

The new sets and tuners are available at Hooper's and most other retailers where TVs may be purchased. A set with the HDTV tuner built in is priced at about $3,000, substantially less than the $10,000 price tag of several years ago.

Hooper isn't the only dealer looking forward to seeing the Super Bowl on HDTV. Donald Hopkins at Cowboy Maloney's is as well.

"I'm watching HDTV this year on WTOK because they're carrying it and I'm so happy they're carrying the Super Bowl this year in HD and I'm excited about that," said Hopkins. "I cannot wait to see the clarity of that picture."

WTOK began broadcasting in HDTV Oct. 12. The station currently offers about 13.5 hours per week in prime time programs on HDTV.

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