KAB Promotes Youth Participation

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The environment plays an important part in all of our lives, sometimes affecting health and even our attitudes.

The Meridian/Lauderdale County chapter of the Keep America Beautiful Commission announced Wednesday it has earmarked funds for its Youth Mini-Grant Program.

"Our mini grant program is designed to allow churches, youth groups, schools and community organizations to enhance pride in our community through hands-on involvement of the youth," said KAB chairman Betty Lou Jones.

KAB officials say there are economic benefits as well, with an attractive environment more likely to attract business.

Applications for the grants may be picked up at the KAB office in Room 304 of Meridian City Hall. Call 485-1996 for more information.

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Keep America Beautiful

    Keep America Beautiful (KAB) was founded in 1953.

  • KAB is a national nonprofit public education organization dedicated to empowering individuals to take greater responsibility for enhancing their local community environment.

  • The programs are focused on enabling volunteers to acquire the skills, tools and resources to work together to create more beautiful and better quality communities.

  • KAB's community affiliates across the country and 22 state affiliates lead the way in protecting and enhancing local environments by:
    • Litter prevention
    • Beautification and community improvement
    • Minimization of the impact of waste on communities
    • Improvement of public places like parks, downtowns, roadways and waterfronts.

  • More than 500 cities, towns and counties in 40 states, and several international locations, are implementing the Keep America Beautiful System.

  • Working with all segments of their communities, KAB affiliates can leverage:
    • public and private dollars
    • Talents and time of volunteers
    • Donated goods and services to maximum effect

  • KAB's memorable and award winning public service announcements include one of the most famous of the last century—the “Crying Indian,” which first debuted in 1971.

Source: http://www.kab.org (Keep America Beautiful Web site) contributed to this report.