Donation Adds to Math Comprehension

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Excitement in a math class is a powerful tool, according to teachers. Now an exciting tool, Geo-Legg, is available to Meridian Public School students.

It's designed to help with lessons in geometry and measurement. Amanda Cross says the Geo-Legg is helping her fourth grade math students apply and comprehend math concepts.

"Developing higher level thinking skills, thinking abstractly, looking at a door and seeing the different angles," explained Cross.

Thanks to a generous private donation, every fourth through twelfth grade math student in the Meridian Public School System will have a chance to learn with a new tool.

Sylvia Autry, superintendent of Meridian Public Schools, says math and reading are the foundations of education and a quality education is only possible with financial and emotional support from the community.

"A community is only as healthy as its public school system," said Autry, "and the public schools are limited in resources and what they can do."

Barbaree Rosenbaum Heaster is a former educator. She says a better educated population is better for everyone and that's why she and her husband made the $36,000 contribution.

"If you do not create well-educated people, then what happens is you do not have a well educated workforce," said Heaster. "You have people who can't get jobs. You have people who continue on welfare rolls. Nobody wants to live in a community like that."

Heaster says not only does a better education improve the quality of life in a community, since new industry considers the quality of schools when looking to locate, a better education could also improve a community's economy.