Children First: Coats for Kids

For a school age child, having a coat this time of year is almost just as important as having books. That's why the annual WTOK-Wesley House, "Coats for Kids" campaign is so important. Although response has been relatively good this year, campaign officials say more coats are needed.

"We don't know if people think they will need their coats more and are keeping them, but we're having more requests than we have coats," said Nell Grissom.

In fact, Wesley House director Nell Grissom says the demand for children's coats is so great this year that almost as soon as her office gets a child's coat, it's gone!

Although a rack full a coats may seem like a lot, for an agency that helps clothe hundreds of people of all sizes, campaign officials say what they have collected thus far is not enough.

Local educators we talked to say they know all too well about the problem.

"I've seen children come on the coldest days and I'd say, 'Where's your coat?' and they'd hesitate," said fourth grade teacher Sharon Bowman.

"The problem is that a lot of parents don't have the money to buy the coats and the children grow so fast that they need a new one each season," said elementary school counselor Diane Wall.

Our "Coats for Kids" campaign will continue throughout the winter. To donate you can drop off a new or used coat at Wesley House or at WTOK. Our address is
815 23rd Avenue
Meridian, Mississippi

"This is very important now because the cold weather is here and getting worse. If you can, please help us," said Grissom.