United Way Forms Partnership

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The United Way of East Mississippi is working with other non-profit and governmental organizations to make the Hurricane Katrina recovery a little smoother.

The organization is helping to form a "VO-AD" group, short for Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster. The group works with local government agencies to make sure the service needs of the community are being met.

The VO-AD group has already begun to compile a directory of services which should help to eliminate some of the confusion with the relief efforts.

"Right now, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, and that's simply because agencies are tired. They're worn out. They've been through a lot by having the resources in front of them. It's going to give them that tool that they need and at the same time will help alleviate some tension and take some pressure off the agencies," said Bobbie Mackinzie of United Way of America.

The directory will be made available to each participating agency and should be ready within the week.