Property Owners Speak Up

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Watching Newscenter 11 on Tuesday, Dr. Luis Borrell heard about the Stanley White family from New Orleans which needs a place to stay. He picked up the phone, called WTOK, and said he had a house available. Borrell says he just wanted to help.

"They are today where we might be tomorrow," said Borrell. "And we're here to help each other. That's more important in this world and so I got this available and I heard in the newscast, WTOK, so I called to see can I help him somehow."

We also heard about James Fleming's 10-room house. He had planned to sell the property, but has had a change of heart and says if a family needs a place to stay, he has a house to rent.

"Well, I'm always glad to help if I can," said Fleming.

Flipping through the phone book, we found Kimberly Shaw at Meridian Management. She says she's already placed three evacuee families in the apartment complex she manages, but she still has all sorts of contacts with homes or apartments to rent. Shaw says not to get discouraged.

"I know times are hard and I know it looks as if they have no other recourse of being able to find anywhere to go, but if they will just listen to the news and listen to the radio stations that are promoting the phone numbers, and word of mouth, I know, is carrying a lot of weight as far as getting people placed," said Shaw.