Redistricting Approved

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The U.S. Department of Justice has approved Lauderdale County's redistricting plan for supervisors and justice court judges, allowing elections to proceed on schedule.

"I talked to the Justice Department this morning (Thursday) and they confirmed that all of the redistricting plans are approved, except for the school district's," said District 2 supervisor Jimmie Smith. "And there's just a minor problem there, that the electronic processing didn't get in with the rest of the stuff. They're going to review that and get back with us, or get back with Miss Buford by March the 7th so we've got plenty of time."

There will be a few changes in voting places.

"I think that there are two in District 1, one or two that's going to move in District 5. There'll be a new precinct in District 2. There's one or two changes as far as District 4 is concerned," said Smith. "But I think all the changes are pretty minor."

Also during a work session Thursday, county supervisors discussed the proposed new communications tower for E-911 and county radio communications.

Board president Craig Hitt said a possible site has been identified on property owned by Lockheed-Martin.

"We approved a couple of months ago to go ahead with looking at either leasing or building a tower from the county's standpoint and we think we have a site located on their property," Hitt said.

But District 5 supervisor Ray Boswell objected to building the tower on private property rather than county-owned land. Hitt said there might be no other choice.

"That's the only place we found that seems to be suitable," said Hitt.

The ultimate choice will have to approved by the full board in an official meeting.