Children First: Kids Helping Kids

Three schools in Virginia sent an emissary to Mississippi, with cards of sympathy about the havoc caused by Hurricane Katrina.

The cards were delivered to Clarkdale Elementary School Thursday by Dr. Dennis Cropper, a clinical psychologist in Lexington, VA.

"Just to let the other children know here that they are thinking about then and were very affected by what they saw on TV and how it has affected all of their lives, what they were suffering from damages and losses," said Cropper, who works with Rockbridge Community Services.

"In one way, they kind of smiled and said, wow, we could get out of school for a week. But that's no fun, to get out of school for that reason, was it?" said Cropper in speaking the Clarkdale third grade students.

"I think it's a very nice connection they made with the school children," said Cropper.

The Virginia communities also sent comfort items that were delivered to Bay Springs, Miss.