Gov. at Oakland Heights, MCCSA

School Desk
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When it comes to the economic success of the state, Gov. Ronnie Musgrove says it all starts in the classroom. That's why he says he's now proposing that the state legislature approve a new initiative called Summer Start.

As part of the Summer Start program, incoming kindergarteners would start school two months before other students and continue another two months after completing their K-5 year.

If approved, Musgrove said the program would costs around $5 million and would make students more productive, reduce the dropout rate, and ultimately save the state millions of dollars.

"Good schools attract good jobs. Good jobs produce good communities and I think that's the most important thing we can do as a state," Musgrove said.

If legislators approve the Summer Start program, the governor says it could be put in place as soon as the fall. He said schools like Oakland Heights would benefit from the program.

"We've been able to provide summer programs for our children for the past four years thanks to grants, but it seems coincidental that our grants end this year. So, it would allow us to continue the Summer Start program," said Musgrove.

Gov. Musgrove is urging anyone in support of the effort to contact lawmakers. He said the proposal could go before the legislature as early as next week.

Musgrove also spent part of the afternoon at Multi-County Community Service Agency. He spoke to a large crowd about issues like Medicaid, help for the unemployed, and education.

The governor said Mississippi needs to work to make sure the state is healthy in the long-term and the short-term.

MCCSA executive director Callie Cole presented Musgrove with a plaque honoring the work he's done for the underprivileged in the state.