Celebrating Lowe's and More

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Construction on the Lowe's Superstore, with 94,000 square feet of retail space, began in March 2005. Within just four weeks, more than 6,000 applications came in to fill the 125 new jobs created.

"There are a lot of people looking for a great opportunity and we're fortunately providing that with the fortune 500 company of Lowe's," said store manager Bryan Horridge.

For Philadelphia, this is more than simply the opening of a new store. It represents a trend of growth in the community.

"The people (who are) coming into Philadelphia, they survey our area. These things don't just happen. They come in here and see how our community is growing and they just want to be a part of what's going on here in Philadelphia and Neshoba County," said Mayor Rayburn Waddell of Philadelphia.

"The Lowe's brings a different clientele than Wal-Mart," said Tim Moore of The Citizens Bank in Philadelphia. "You have the people that use this business that come here and we see it being a big positive growth. Maybe bringing a lot of business and a lot of other people that maybe other places that we already have do not."

But for Ruth Donald and her husband, Henry, the new store represents something a little simpler than economic development.

"It's much more convenient. We don't have to travel as much, burn as much gas," said Donald. "We can get everything we need right here."

Mayor Waddell says the growing trend started with the casinos at Pearl River Resort and he expects it to continue for the next five or ten years.

"I think we just got the drawing card here. Maybe, we call it the ace in the whole," Waddell said.