Children First: Reading for Success

At Witherspoon Elementary administrators understand that knowing how to read is the key to success. Officials brought in a training specialist from the National Literacy Coalition.

"The instructions that we're trying to train the teachers is a very direct instruction approach which is we're going to tell the children exactly what we want them to learn and then we're going to model that for them," says Paul Rochester with the National Literacy Coalition.

According to Rochester, research shows that the most affective teaching methods often include those which are fast paced to captivate students. These include games and other interactive activities. Aside from just catching a student's attention, Rochester says it's true that practice does make perfect and that's why repetition is so important!

Something else that is important is programs such as the one which Rochester is involved with. After all, he says studies continue to show that if a child doe not read sufficiently by the time he or she finishes the third grade, often that child will never learn to read effectively.

"The overall goal is we want all children to read by the end of third grade and we're making tremendous progress in that," says Rochester.

Progress in helping students not only read but also succeed.