Wayne County Invests in Fire Fleet

Talk about a fleet that's hard to beat. Wayne County officials Friday unveiled 12 brand new fire trucks. Bought with funds from a million dollar loan, a state grant and county revenue, officials say the new trucks were needed to save not only residents lives but also their money.

At a cost of $120,000 each, county officials say the engines were worth every penny and could ultimately save residents on two fronts.

"You will see possibly a number of areas in Wayne County go from what we call a class 10 to a class nine," said Dale. "A class nine is about a 16 percent savings on fire insurance, so this is a very good purchase today."

"The average homeowner is going to pay about $60 a year more in taxes, but they're going to save $300 to $400 in insurance costs in the process," said Wayne County Fire Coordinator David Holbrook.

Along with more trucks, county officials say they need more volunteer firefighters.

"We've got approximately 280 that's on the roster. You can depend on probably 120 countywide. We need more," said Wayne County Fire Chief Rufus Landrum.

With one of the trucks going to the city of Waynesboro and the rest to the county, officials say they only need to buy three more new trucks to upgrade stations. If things go as planned, they say they hope to make the additional purchases within the next three years.