Water Supplies Threatened

An investigation continues into threats that were made Tuesday to
the water supplies in Kemper and Lowndes Counties.

So far, no contaminants have been found in six samples taken in Kemper County. However, officials said they take the threats seriously.

The threats were anonymously made by phone around 8:00 a.m. Tuesday. The one for Lowndes County was called into the Mississippi
Emergency Management Agency in Jackson. Another targeting the town of Scooba was made to a resident.

In both cases officials said the caller claimed that water systems in the area were either already poisoned or soon would be. Emergency officials in both areas are taking the calls seriously.

"We have health department officials doing tests," said Kemper County Emergency Management director Ben Dudley. "We have extra security on watching the systems. So, we're doing our part."

As a routine security measure, officials from the town of Scooba thoroughly checked both of the town's water tanks for tampering.

"I could see all of Scooba at the top of that tank, but I couldn't see anything that looked like someone had been up there. It was clean," said Tommy Howard with the City of Scooba Water Department.

Town officials said they are not surprised with the findings, given the many security features in and around each tank. Surrounding the tank at East Mississippi Community College is a gate. Not only that, but as with the town's other tank, it also has a special lock on the ladder and another special lock at the top of the tank.

Although no contaminants were immediately found in Kemper or Lowndes Counties, officials said they will continue to closely monitor the systems.

At this time they said the water in both areas is safe to drink. However, they are advising anyone with concerns to drink bottled water.