Teikuro to Locate in Lauderdale County

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New industry is on its way to Lauderdale County. The official announcement was made Wednesday. Teikuro Corporation is choosing the area to house its first manufacturing plant in the southeastern United States.

"Meridian is open for business and it's open to this automotive industry that's growing in the southeast and along this I-20 corridor," said Wade Jones, EMBDC president.

Teikuro is purchasing eight acres at the G.V. Sonny Montgomery Industrial Park to build its southeastern plant.

Initially, the company expects to hire 15 employees with plans for expansion to 35 to help with repairs and maintenance for many of the stamping dies used in automotive parts stamping.

The company works in tandem with the automotive stamping industry and location within close proximity to stamping facilities is vital for its method of operations.

"We're looking in India right now. We're looking at other places, but I think with the way the automotive companies are coming down here, this could probably be one of out biggest facilities," said Mike Houseman, vice-president of operations for Teikuro.
That type of prediction and its attraction to new industry is exactly what the EMBDC says it has been hoping for.

"What we want is to improve the quality of life for everybody," Jones said. "We want to improve the standard of living. And the way we do that is by providing good-paying jobs, secure jobs, so that we know the companies are going to prosper and do well here and help expand our economy."

Work is expected to begin on the site within the next two months, and manufacturing operations are slated for the summer of 2006.

Teikuro officials say this is just Phase 1 of a plan to grow and develop, and ultimately, bring in a second manufacturing line.