Supt. Search to Involve Citizens

Members of the Meridian School Board want to form two work groups to have input into the selection of a new superintendent.

President Fred Wile said the board needs input from a diverse makeup of the community.

"The expectations group will be working on helping us understand what are the expectations in this community for public education?" said Wile. "We all say we want an excellent system. We all want excellence but everybody I know, I talk to, has a little different spin or take on that. And part of what we've got to do is make sure we understand what are we, as a community, committed to? We've got to get somebody who can help make that commitment happen."

Wile said the other side is, what is being done right, educationally?

"We talk about problems with scores and it's easy to believe that everything's broken," said Wile, "but it's not. We have some good programs that are emerging. And we need to understand those programs, what works. And what are the good programs? And identify those so that, you know, when someone new comes along there's a tendency to make a lot of changes. We have to be careful that we don't throw out the good things in an effort, to try to make changes."

Wile and fellow board member Ed Lynch hope to have a couple of groups established in about 10 days to begin analyzing what Meridian Public Schools needs and how to go about getting it.