SBC in "Dialogue" With Islam

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Speaking to his congregation after being named the new president of the Southern Baptist Convention last week, the Reverend Jack Graham told them the denomination isn't at war with Islam.

The pastor of Plano's Prestonwood Baptist Church was thrust into controversy after a fellow pastor -- former convention president Jerry Vines -- called Muhammad a "pedophile."

Islamic advocates called the comment outrageous, but Graham declined to condemn his colleague and called Vines' statement "accurate."

Graham spoke with reporters after being welcomed home in Sunday services. Graham defended Vines as a pastor who has a record of reaching across racial and denominational lines.

Though he said he regretted the controversial climate in which it was raised, Graham says he is glad to be involved in a dialogue on Islam.

That sentiment was shared by motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, a member of Graham's congregation who prayed for the pastor during services Sunday.