Reason for Reading


Students at West Hills Elementary got to slime their principal and not get in trouble Friday. It was a reward and incentive for participating in the Excellerated Reader Program.

If students comprehend well, they can take a test and earn points.

"Some books are worth half a point. If they make 100, they get half a point. Some books are worth as much as 33,37 points," said Nancy Johnson of West Hills staff. "We have fifth graders and fourth graders and third graders that are very able to read those books and make 100s. We want to encourage them, motivate them to read."

"Just being able to do something to your principal, it's fun," said top reader, Jordan Koch, a fifth grader.

"We decided since they were kind of getting off to a slow start this year that we would set a goal," added Johnson. "Ms. Davidson so nicely agreed to be slimed. The children thought that was great. We tried to ante that up right here at the last minute saying now to attend this event, you're going to have to have 10 points."

Students have read hundreds of books this school year, as a result. Johnson said reading well sets a solid foundation for the rest of a child's school life.

"If you read enough, you're always going to be rewarded," said Koch.