Get Fit…Don’t Quit!

Welcome to fitness class. Filled with women, at least two men were supposed to be here on this day, Tyrone "Honey Bun" White, and Charles Daniel from Good Morning Meridian. However, only one of them showed up ,and Tyrone thinks he knows why.

"He knew he couldn't handle 'The Honey Bun!"

Actually, Charles had to work. As for how Tyrone did, it's often said that a picture says a thousand words, however, in this case his sound says it all!

"Oooooohhhhhhh... my God!" said Tyrone.

This was the case throughout much of the hour-long class. At some points we even caught Tyrone taking a break or two. However, his trainers say that's ok.

"That's his own level," says Staci Stanley, who is a personal trainer at Jeff Anderson Fitness Center. "That's perfectly fine. He'll get use to it."

Meanwhile, as for what Tyrone thought about the class:

"Man, that was one of the toughest things I ever did. I played sports 200 pounds ago. I'm getting too old for this. I thought it was all a bunch of stretching. Touch your toes here and touch your nose. You know some of the stuff they were doing I don't think your body is made to do stuff like that. You ain't supposed to bend over backwards like that. Your head ain't supposed to touch your toes. They get my respect, much respect.”

On this day I'm proud to report that Tyrone is getting much respect from us as well. Last week he admitted to eating on average about five honey buns a day. Well, now talk about what difference a day can make!

"I don't want to see another honey bun. No honey buns! Don't send me any cakes, muffins. Somehow Brandon finds out about it and that's more time on the treadmill. So, no honey buns!" says Tyrone.

We're also looking for a lady to take part in the "Get Fit... Don't Quit challenge. If you would like to be considered you can go to the WTOK Web site. Click on the "NEWS" icon and to the right there's a "GET FIT... BE FIT" section and e-mail us your entry. The e-mail address given on that page is You can also mail us at WTOK in care of "Get Fit... Don't Quit!" at 815 23rd. Avenue Meridian, Mississippi 39301.

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