Suspect Sought in Homicide

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Early last Sunday morning, Jasper County authorities were called to the home of Jerry Teachey, the scene of a shooting that ultimately resulted in the death of Quincy Thaggard.

"We know Teachey did the shooting. We just need to get him in custody," said Jasper County Sheriff's Department investigator Doug Hill.

"We've been looking for Mr. Teachey since that time. We've had numerous tips of his whereabouts and we've checked everywhere that we've got information on. We've failed to come up with him at this point."

Teachey's neighbors on County Road 1848 in the Rose Hill community said that they are not afraid that another incident like this one will occur in their neighborhood, partly because they do not believe Teachey is still in the area. However, authorities are not so quick to say that he has left.

"We do have him entered in NCIC, so if he shows up out-of-state, or somewhere like that, they can run him and he'll come back as wanted from here," Hill said.

While they have taken these precautions, Hill said he believes that Teachey is still in the area. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Jerry Teachey, please call the Jasper County Sheriff's Office at (601) 764-2588 or (601) 764-3050, or your local authorities.

Teachey is considered to be armed and dangerous.