Opponents Cite Taxes, Services

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Meridian's annexation trial continues this week. The chancery case is being heard at the federal courthouse, since both chancellors in Lauderdale County recused themselves.

The town of Marion and Lauderdale County are opposing the bid for about nine square miles.

Several county officials and Marion residents took the stand Monday to oppose the annexation.

"The citizens, of course, they don't feel like they're getting any additional services for the higher taxes they would be paying," said District 1 supervisor Eddie Harper. "And the county has three or four different areas that it's looking at as far as looking out for the well-being of our citizens and the financial burdens that it will have on the town of Marion being able to grow and prosper in the future by blocking it on all the sides, stopping its growth."

The opposing attorneys are expected to conclude their presentation Tuesday. Meridian will then have a chance for rebuttal.