Drivers: Beware of Deer

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Due to increased deer activity during the winter months, the majority of deer-vehicle collisions occur during this time. In fact, 70 percent happen during October through December.

Most of these collisions occur between 6:00 p.m. and midnight on rural two-lane roads.

Officials say that the best way to avoid hitting a deer or other animal is to simply slow down.

"What happens is a lot of people are driving faster and they're overdriving their headlights and by the time they see the animal, they are driving too fast to effectively swerve to miss the animal or to stop in time not to hit the animal," said Ward Calhoun, Lauderdale County's chief deputy.

If you are going too fast to avoid the deer, just hit it, don't swerve to avoid it. You can cause more damage to your car or yourself by hitting a tree or another vehicle.