Probe of Blast Moving Ahead

Hurricane Dennis may have been a factor in last week's explosion in Livingston at a gas station-market.

Last Wednesday night the gas station exploded, leaving the clerk seriously injured.

Previously, the structure suffered other major damage when Hurricane Dennis swept through the area in July.

While investigators say they are not certain if previous damage was a factor in the explosion, they say they are now closer to finding out the cause.

"They've ruled out several things. They're pretty sure that it is going to be gasoline fumes that caused the problem and they're real concerned about how the fumes got in the building," said Public Safety Chief Ashley Welborn. “So, they're going to deconstruct the whole facility below ground and everything to figure out what happened."

Within the next week investigators say they will fence off the damaged area from the public.

The injured clerk, 21-year-old Tatanya Ward, is still recovering at a hospital in mobile.