Jobseeker Says Good Jobs Scarce

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Yvonne Anderson is looking for work, a second job specifically. Her current job isn't enough to cover the bills and she needs some extra cash to make ends meet.

"It's hard finding work here. I was off about a year before I could even find a job," Anderson said.

That lack of good jobs is a common complaint among Meridianites, but it may be a complaint that may soon is longer valid.

Local industry observers say new manufacturing jobs like the ones that appear to be coming to Meridian are good for a number of reasons and they could also lead to more jobs.

"It's like a tipping point. You get one, then another one starts looking and another and it starts growing," said Mike McGrevey, director of The Montgomery Institute.

And that growth, experts say, is important not just to Meridian, but to all of east Mississippi and west Alabama.

"Meridian is the center, the core of the manufacturing capability," said McGrevey. "It's the magnet for this great workforce we have throughout the region coming and it's going to mean great things for our entire region."

And Yvonne Anderson said she thinks it could also mean great things for her. She'll be applying at the new plant.

"Oh, yes, I will. I don't know if I'll qualify, but yes, I'll put an application in," said Anderson.

Hundreds of others will likely be doing the same thing over the next several months.