Get Fit... Don't Quit!

It's just days before Thanksgiving and Tyrone White, also known as Honey Bun, is giving thanks at one of his favorite places, a buffet. On this day he's at Ryan's Steakhouse

This is a special day for Tyrone because he's learning how to eat healthy during the holidays. However, first we asked him to fix a plate like he typically would.

"These plates are too small," says Tyrone. "It's like a healing taking place. It's almost like a homecoming, something you missed for so long and finally I'm back home! I'm trying to conserve just a little bit since I've got a dietician in front of me."

As for the dietician, she had plenty to say about Tyrone's self-proclaimed conservative eating habits.

"The first thing I noticed is that he didn't even go by the salad bar," says Carol Mosley. Usually, that's a good place to start. Really that could be free food if he chooses the right toppings on his salad."

Mosley says the right toppings means almost anything fresh and with condiments that are low fat.

"One of the problems I see with Tyrone is the number of plates that he has," says Mosley.

In all, Tyrone had one dinner plate, another packed with extra meat and bread and a third packed with desert.

"He would probably call his main plate a vegetable plate with his chicken, but really the only vegetable that is a non-starch vegetable on the plate is the green beans. Really he has between 1,000 and 1,500 calories just from his breads," says Mosley.

Instead Mosley recommends that next time Tyrone either skips the bread or gets only one piece that's not buttered. As for a side dish she recommends a baked potato instead of mashed potatoes. That way he can control what goes on it. As for all of the meat on his plates.

"He really has 12 ounces of meat at just this meal and really you only need six ounces of meat per day," says Mosley.

Instead of his two pieces of fried chicken and meat loaf, Mosley recommends one piece of fried chicken. As for whether or not eating fried meat is ok, Mosley says moderation is the key because it has extra calories and fat. Given this, she says not only should one piece be the limit, but when eating fried foods always compensate for it by making the next meal very light and nutritious. However, that's not all!

"He probably didn't need a desert after a big meal like the one he had or maybe an alternate choice would be fresh fruit," says Mosley.

"My cake has fruit on it and bread is part of the food group," says Tyrone.

When it comes to Tyrone's sweet tea, Mosley says, "This is a lot of calories that you're getting from no nutrient."

"A diet coke instead of my sweet tea," says Tyrone. "What has this world come to?"

Meanwhile, Mosley reminds Tyrone that, "You can out eat any exercise program so easily."

"Just listening to hear has made my plate not look so good," says Tyrone.

Speaking of not looking good, perhaps that's how Tyrone's trainers will react once they find out what he ate.

"They're not going to be happy. We need to make sure we don't tell them," says Tyrone. "Shhhhh!"