Citizen of the Year

Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Oatis are this year's honorees. Both are retired educators who are being honored for their continued outstanding involvement within the community.

This is the first year that the commission has chosen two people for the honor. Members say it could not have been any other way.

"Absolutely," says Hargie Crenshaw. "When you look at the work that the two have done, particularly this year. Last year too but this year especially. We felt it deserved husband and wife team."

"What drives me is service," says Mr. Oatis. "I feel when people are on the same wavelength they can move mountains, when you're together."

"It's a matter of looking at what needs to be done and just picking up and getting it done," says Mrs. Oatis.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Oats are active with a number of community and volunteer efforts. This includes volunteering with the American Red Cross and helping to organize the annual Meridianite picnic.