Children First: Poetry Readings

Brod Bagert is a nationally known poet from New Orleans. His mission is to spark student's interest in poetry, especially during the early years. From the student's response Thursday at Oakland Heights, the mission was accomplished.

The former lawyer, politician and once speculated gubernatorial candidate in Louisiana, uses dramatization, music and slides to attract student's interest. He started presenting these sessions throughout the nation eleven years ago. His strategy is to first learn from children!

"You watch them closely to see what they respond to and the things that excite their imagination. We can drill things in their head all we want but they're not going to learn the concept until we engage with them," said Bagert.

"I'm a kindergarten teacher," said Debbie Harris. "In order to relate to a 5 or 6-year-old you have to get on their level. He activated their imagination and that's what learning is about."

Although fun while it last, Bagert says the real impact can be seen once the session ends.

"With poetry you can recite, that's the stuff that helps produce successful individuals. A society of successful individuals is a society that can achieve things," Bagert said.