Local Runners Honor Bombing Victims

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The Bonita Running Club put together a run on Thursday night to honor the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

It was 2.6 mile run held at Bonita Lakes Park. Runners from all over the area completed the run. The running club's president, Evelyn Watkins, said Meridian and Lauderdale County runners are among groups all over the nation honoring the victims. Dr. Eric Pearson of Meridian ran the Boston Marathon, finishing before the bombs exploded.

"Oh, it's really emotional," Pearson said. "There's so much uncertainty then. But it's just, the whole country's coming together. And a chance to do something like this to honor these people is really amazing. "

Members of the Oakatiibbee Running Club and "Divas on the Run" took part in the event as well.