Children First: Christmas Magic

When it comes to Christmas and all that it should be, who best to tell the story but little ones filled with glee?

From students dressed like little ladies and lads, to some even dressed like their dads.

On this Thursday morning, first graders at Poplar Springs gathered at the school for just one thing: To relay the magic of Christmas through a child's eyes; to relay the magic of Christmas that one just can't deny.

For weeks upon end, the group prepared for this day, working and waiting without delay.

All part of efforts to get everything right and to make sure that the day for all is a sheer delight.

"It's definitely one of the biggest traditions we have," said Principal Linda Dulaney. "A lot of work goes into it on the part of teachers and parents working with us, and of course, the children cooperating, giving it their best effort. That's what makes it such a great thing."

And it was not only a great thing to see, but also a great thing with many different goals; not only a time to learn about Christmas and all of its majesty, but also to help students learn how to be all they can be.

"Well, we know that children benefit from this kind of thing, because it increases their self confidence. Their esteem in being able to go out on stage and compile something like that is a great thing for a child at six and seven years old and being part of a group with their classmates," said Dulaney. "It just teaches a lot of good lessons and boosts that self confidence and we know that can transfer over into academics as well."

It was not only a good lesson for little ones such as him, but also for the big ones such as you and me. And it was good for the students and the community, good for everyone, as even these young eyes could see.