Wacky Weather

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On Sunday afternoon, Meridian set a record high temperature of 79 degrees. Less than 24 hours later the cold has moved in.

For some, the cold is a bit bothersome, especially for those who still have yard work to do before winter sets in.

"Well, it keeps you from doing what you want to do outside when it turns so cold like that," said David Findley.

The weather has also made it difficult to choose what to wear in the mornings. Shorts and t-shirts may have been acceptable this weekend, but a parka may be more fitting for the rest of this week.

"It has kept my closet full of winter and summer. I have not divided yet," said Joyce Findley.

The average high temperature for early December is in the low to mid 60s. If it gets colder than that, many people will chose to stay indoors.

"The reason I don't get cold is because I stay inside, kind of like the bear," said Sadie Hardy. "When it gets real cold, I hibernate. I stay inside."

The warm weekends may be a thing of the past for this year, as winter officially begins Dec. 21.