MSU Donation

With the shaking of hands, it was a done deal. Friday, retired Congressman G.V. Sonny Montgomery donated $100,000 to Mississippi State University. When it comes to the donation, Montgomery says it's the least he could do.

"Mississippi State was very nice to me. I went to Mississippi State," says Montgomery.

As a 1943 MSU graduate, officials say Montgomery is more than just a supporter of the university.

"Congressman Montgomery is one of our closely held institutions," says MSU President Dr. Charles Lee. "He's a lot more than just a supporter. He's an icon!"

He's an icon who continues to give back. Of the $100,000 donated, most of it will stay at the MSU Meridian campus; $25,000 of it will go to the Mitchell Memorial Library at MSU's main campus. The remaining $75,000 will stay at the MSU Meridian campus and be used for a scholarship endowment fund that was established by Montgomery four years ago.

Senior Elementary education major Hope Eason from Raleigh, Mississippi was this year's recipient.

"You know when the gas prices rose and I have to travel over 160 round trip miles every day back and forth to school, you know the prices are just outrageous and the use of this money just came in handy."

"With the kind of students that we have in Meridian, many of them are working to support themselves through school, this scholarship will allow a couple other students to get a full ride scholarship," says MSU Meridian Dean Nick Nichols.

"I've been fortunate to have the means to come in and to give this money to Mississippi State and that's what I want to do," says Montgomery.