USM Shares in Katrina Fund

$1.5 million of the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund will go directly to the University of Southern Mississippi.

School president, Dr. Shelby Thames, accepted the check earlier this week in New Orleans.

It is part of $30 million earmarked for colleges and universities damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

"The money can be used for repairs, reconstruction, replacing equipment, for salaries and benefits for faculty and staff idled because the institutions are closed," said President Bill Clinton. "And to assist the students who have special needs."

"We're strong. We are resourceful. We are determined and working together. We're going to prove that again on the Gulf Coast. You're going to prove it again, right here on the Gulf Coast," said President George H.W. Bush.

USM estimates its direct losses at more than $200 million. One hundred twenty five of the university's employees on the Gulf Coast lost their homes.