What's in a Greeting?

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There is no doubt where David and Estelle Gibbs come down on the 'Merry Christmas' vs. 'Happy Holiday' divide. They are firmly in the 'Merry Christmas' camp.

Not that those who say 'Happy Holidays' really bother the two of them, but others aren't quite so charitable.

There has been a recent groundswell by some nationwide to boycott stores that fail to mention Christmas in ads or when greeting customers.

The Mississippi-based American Family Association has gone as far as to put a list of stores on its Web site that it considers 'anti-Christmas' because they do not refer to Christmas in their ads on their Web sites. It's calling for a boycott of Target, for instance.

That controversy has apparently reached into Meridian, with this year's Christmas, that's right, Christmas parade. Several radio stations apparently called it a holiday parade in commercials, drawing ire from some locals who complained to Meridian's Downtown Association.

Officials there say the ads were not written by them, and the parade is known as the Christmas parade, although it doesn't really understand what the big deal is.

And even some of those who say 'Merry Christmas' don't really seem too concerned about it either.