Feds Seize Local Business

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Meridian, Mississippi The front door of the Log Cabin Bar is inaccessible after federal agents took control of the property.

All the FBI will say at this point is that the bar on 46th Avenue was seized after a seizure warrant was issued from the U.S. District Court. The FBI referred me to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Jackson for more on why the seizure took place. Newscenter 11 has yet to receive a response.

The bar belongs to local businessman Bill Gordon. You'll recall several of his businesses were raided by federal agents back in January. At the time, Gordon's attorney told Newscenter 11 the Internal Revenue Service seized all of Gordon's financial records, calling it an act of revenge someone was seeking on his client. In January, attorney Bill Ready, Sr. said he and his client would fight those charges.

"Same way anybody does with the Internal Revenue Service," Ready said at the time. "With as much patience and endurance as possible because we have to prove. They've let the public believe he has committed some great crime and they don't really care."

Newscenter 11 is awaiting a response from Ready about this latest investigation.