Citizens Complain

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A group of residents from Meridian's Ward 4 accused councilman Jesse Palmer of neglecting his responsibilities to them at a city council meeting Monday.

Appearing before the council, Levi Hurd complained about various conditions in his ward, including the streets.

"We have a lot of problems in and around my neighborhood and also around throughout the ward in Ward 4 with streets that are just really tore up," said Hurd.

"I have a list now of 26 streets for the year for paving whenever we decide to get into it," answered Palmer.

Then Carolyn Hill of 516 41st Avenue took her turn.

"We're just asking that you just come out and just back us up on the things that we're doing in the community," Hill said. "That's what we're basically asking. Just come out there and see what we're doing."

"But at least stop by," said Johnny Hill. "Don't wait until Election Day now and then come by and let us know what's going on. Election Day now you come by there five days a week, seven days a week, come to church, visit our church but during the rest of the time don't see nobody in four years. Then we see you again in time for Election Day."

Palmer denied the accusation.

"I've never been to your church to campaign. Never," Palmer said. "I don't campaign in churches. I simply go to churches for service. I have other churches that I attend but I do and I will show up at your church. But when you make the statement that I only come when it's campaigning time. I have never campaigned in your church."

At this point council president Mary Perry ruled time had expired and put an end to the discussion.