Bug Closes School

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A bug going around has hit Calvary Christian School in Meridian hard. Almost half its student body of 150 has stayed home sick this week. It has caused some real problems. That's why school officials decided to close Calvary on Thursday and Friday; in hopes it will allow both students and faculty to get better.

"We're kind of like a small family here at Calvary, and we want to do what's best for our people and we think it's best that they stay home," said Calvary's Annette James.

The sickness has been a problem at schools across the area. Oakland Heights Elementary School principal Dr. Kim Benton said the absentee rate has doubled over the last few weeks.

"We have 40 out right now, 40 students, and we want them to get back to school," said Benton.

Anderson Hospital's emergency room has seen a large increase in cases over the last month, from an average of about 80 to as many as 120 on any given day. (Dr. Kim McDonald):

"We're seeing basically two kinds of sicknesses, an upper GI virus, with diarrhea and vomiting, and a flu-like virus," said Dr. Kim McDonald.

Meanwhile, at Calvary Christian School, officials say they'll spend the next couple of days disinfecting and trying to get rid of any remaining germs. They hope everyone will be feeling better and ready to go back to school on Monday.