Bond Petition Fails

Lauderdale County, Miss. Lauderdale County officials say the petition to secure a public vote on a $14 million bond issue did not reach the necessary number of valid signatures.

The board of supervisors voted 3-2 in favor of issuing the bonds after a letter of intent was addressed in April. But many in opposition began a petition drive to force a public vote.

That requires at least 1,500 registered voters. While the petition drive originally brought in more than that number, Lauderdale County said only 1,338 signatures could be certified.

"Some of the reasons that the signatures were not valid were: they were not a registered voter, they did not live in Lauderdale County, duplicate signatures and spouses signing for each other," said Chancery Clerk Carolyn Mooney.

The bond issue would go toward constructing athletic and recreational areas in West Lauderdale and Clarkdale, a basketball complex for Highland Park and renovations to the courthouse.

Now that this petition has failed, the board of supervisors will declare their final votes on the bond issue Monday.

If the measure passes again, officials say they hope to see completion on some of these projects by the end of 2014.