Community College Tuition Going Up

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Jackson, Miss. Tuition at Mississippi community colleges will increase by an average of about 6 percent this fall.

Of Mississippi's 15 independently-governed community colleges, 11 are choosing to raise charges on students. Figures came from the state Board of Community and Junior Colleges.

State aid has just begun to rise after cuts during the recession.

Board figures show average two-semester tuition will increase to $2,377 annually, up from $2,241 in the 2012-13 school year.

At least one college's board hasn't acted yet, so figures could change.

East Mississippi Community College in Scooba is raising its prices by 5.8 percent. Meridian Community College will go up 3 percent. East Central Community College in Decatur will go up 4.5 percent.

Enrollment in Mississippi's two-year schools surged by more than 20 percent during the recession, even as budgets were slashed.

The number of students has been drifting down for about two years now, but community colleges continue to serve more students than Mississippi's eight public universities.