Civil Rights Activists March for Justice

Meridian, Mississippi The fight for justice continued this weekend with the annual civil rights march and caravan in Meridian and Philadelphia.

The Caravan for Justice, filled with civil rights activists, made its way from the COFO building where participants marched to the Lauderdale County Courthouse and to several other local areas to honor the civil rights martyrs of the past and question the measure of justice in Mississippi today.

"Not just white people, but blacks and all other races, too," according to John Steele with the Mississippi Civil Rights Martyrs Services. "It's something that we need to work on together to bring tranquility to the state of Mississippi."

The Caravan for Justice looks at past, present, and future civil rights efforts to promote peace for all people in the state. Activists from all over the country, of all ages and races, came together to take part.

"The atmosphere is one of love, unity," Lachiquita McCray with the Cold Case Justice Initiative said. "I feel like everyone here is family. We're all here for the same cause, for the same goal."

Over 50 civil rights martyrs have been identified, and the marchers hoped to speak out for those who can no longer be heard, through the rally.