Kemper Sheriff Urging Proactive Measures

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Kemper County, Mississippi A recent string of burglaries in one area has authorities urging residents to be proactive.

Kemper County Sheriff James Moore is asking everyone in the area to be sure to document and safely store pertinent information on electronics, jewelry, and other valuables. Nearly 20 burglaries have been reported in Kemper County since March. This past week, more than $13,000 in cash was stolen from one local home.

"Make sure that you have serial numbers to your televisions, your ATV's, your weapons," Moore cautions. "All of those things are important. Get photo copies of your jewelry. It helps us a great deal when this happens."

Anyone with information about the recent burglaries in Kemper County is asked to call the Kemper County Sheriff's Department at 601-743-2255.